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Nancy Drew® - Alibi in Ashes - #25

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A hometown contest for clues transforms into a mysterious inferno, leaving Nancy Drew jailed and possibly framed without an alibi. The local police won't let Nancy leave the station so it's up to her friends to investigate. Can you, as Ned, Bess, George and Detective Nancy Drew, uncover clues and find the arsonist lurking in River Heights?

Solving puzzles could lead to more clues, while others could save your reputation... or your life.

Get a glimpse into Alexei's eccentric and eclectic interests at the Wardenclyffe Antiques shop, but be careful not to break anything!

The Heights Nine News van is Brenda Carlton's editing booth on wheels. What stories is she planning to broadcast from here?

Until enough evidence is collected, Nancy will remain under arrest in the police station. Use the police board to review progress and pin evidence to the guilty suspects.

Order some ice cream at Scoop, the ice cream parlor. Not only does the treat satisfy the sweet tooth, but it also provides a cover, and perhaps a helpful clue.

The old town hall is in ruins from the fire. Nancy may have been the one arrested, but who is really to blame for the arson? Don't get caught snooping, this is still a crime scene!

Visit the Drew home! Here you can find tips and tools to help you in your case. Beware, though, danger can follow you anywhere...

Use your detective skills to pick locks, gather fingerprints and question suspects. You'll need special tools, and each friend's unique abilities to get to the bottom of this case.

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