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“The Nancy Drew games have come a long way in the past twelve years, with major improvements in sound and graphics. The first one ever, Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill!, had one of the best stories, though... So this new remastered version was a great way for Her Interactive to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Nancy Drew character. “ ~Common Sense Media

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“Considering how old the original game is, itís pretty remarkable just how modern the remastered version of Secrets Can Kill feels. It may be smaller and shorter, but other than that thereís little to differentiate the game from more modern Nancy Drew games like Trail of the Twister. And the new features, especially the new ending, make it worthwhile for fans who already played the original.“ ~Gamezebo

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“All in all, Secrets Can Kill is a very good game with an interesting storyline that requires a lot of thinking. Still, itís only likely to be picked up by those who are already fans of Nancy Drew, and thatís a shame. A lot of folks will be missing out on an enjoyable adventure game.“ ~The Adrenaline Vault

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