April 2009

Using Twitter to Bring a Smile to Others

Lights, Camera, Curses! Releasing at Retail

There's been a petition on the Message Boards that has over 244 names on it asking us to release Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses! in stores. We want you know that we've heard you loud and clear, so we're making it happen!!!

Not only will you be able to find the game in your local store, you'll also be able to buy it in a box from our online store. For those of you who love to display your collection of Nancy Drew games, this will be a great addition. Especially if you already have 19 games on your shelf, another slightly different one that's the beginning of a NEW series is perfect. We intend to create more games for the Dossier series, you'll want to make sure those are in your collection as well.

However, finding Lights, Camera, Curses! at the store may take a little sleuthing. It won't be next to where the Adventure series games are, so see if you can find it...

Here's what you should be looking for. Look for it in early May and on our website.

Next time, how we created the box for the new series!

Ransom of the Seven Ships Trailer

We ususally post 3 trailers for each game we release. Each one is used for a different purpose.

1) Teaser Trailer
This is always the first trailer about the game that we release publiclly. If you using your sleuthing skills, you may notice that the narration for this trailer is the same as what you heard from the last game we released, except with different scenes. We use this trailer when we first start to promote the game.

2) 2 minute trailer
The 2 minute trailer is used exclusively for digital download partners. Since our games are so large and digital portals won't let users download such a large file for free to try for an hour, the second best way to get a feel for a game is to watch a video showing all of the cool things you'll get to do. We take a lot of time to make sure this trailer gives the viewer a good representation of gameplay.

3) 30 second trailer
And lastly, we have a short 30 second trailer that we use as advertising. Banner ads are usually limited to 30 seconds, so we try to tell as much of the story as possible to get the viewer as interested in the game as possible. There's a lot of BOOM and FLASH in this trailer because it is so short to catch a viewer's attention.

Earlier this week we released a trailer for Ransom of the Seven Ships. Does anyone know which trailer this is supposed to be?

PS. Yes, this means we'll have 2 more trailers for RAN coming in the next few months!

Scouting It Out

The other day, we posted a new survey about activies that our fans participate in during their free time. We had a lot of fans write back and wonder, why are we asking about Girl Scouts?

Well not only do we have an ad that's currently in Girl Scout Leader magazine (has anyone seen it), but we have a lot of employees here at Her Interactive at were Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts at one time. Joining the Scouts has definitely made a difference in their lives if not some great memories at least! From selling cookies and camping trips, to the Pinewood derby and earning badges - it was fun to take a peek into the past to what everyone was doing long before they started making games at Her Interactive.

We asked everyone in the office to share some of their favorite memories from the Girl/Boy Scouts - and we received some touching touching stories that I'd like to share.

"I was a Girl Scout for six years in grade school, my mother was the leader.
I was a GS camp counselor for two summers in college, taking 10-12 year olds on two week canoe trips down the Pend Oreille river in north eastern Washington.
My oldest daughter was a Girl Scout for four years and I was the troop leader.

My favorite memories of GS were the incredible camping trips we went on when I was in 4-6 grade in the Bay Area in California. My mom was big into leadership skills, so the girls were responsible for most of the planning and preparation for the week long trips to camp at Yosemite, the Redwood forests or the beach. We planned the menus, activities, camp fires and camp skills training for the younger girls, shopped for the groceries, made chore charts, etc., and felt like we were so responsible and competent that we were practically grownups. Mom liked to say that we were so well trained that she never had to get up in the morning until the coffee was made, and that was true. We got up, started the fire and put the coffee on to perk, got the breakfast patrol to work on cooking, silently prepared our tents for daily inspection so we wouldn’t wake her, and called her when her coffee was ready. Of course, my dad was up and carefully supervising in his quiet, unobtrusive way. He taught us how to make one match fires even in the rain, and make the right kind of fire to slow cook foil dinners, bake cakes in the dutch oven, pizza or biscuits in the reflector oven, and to make a tent out of rope and a tarp that would keep us dry in a downpour. Mom was an opera singer in local opera productions, and dad competed nationally in barbershop quartet competitions, so they trained us girls to sing our campfire songs in three part harmony. We were so proud of how beautiful the music sounded that campfire sing-alongs often went on for an hour or two every night. We learned to do our part to protect and preserve the incredible parks we camped at by contributing at least one day every trip to trail building, campground maintenance projects or garbage pickup and the Hershey bar we got as a reward for all the hard work at the end of the day was the best tasting candy bar ever."


"If it counts, I was a Brownie. Once I “crossed the rainbow bridge” to become an official girl scout, I stopped. I wasn’t terribly involved but the favorite memory was making pumpkin cookies for Halloween with the troop."


"I was a Brownie and than a Girl Scout many, many, many years ago. My favorite memory is of a camping trip my troop took , going on “midnight hikes” and cross a river on a rope bridge."


"I was a Boy Scout for 4 years. Didn’t make Eagle though."
~James S.

"I was a Girl Scout up through 8th grade. I got more proficiency badges (24) than anyone else in my troop. I remember selling cookies door to door every winter, when a box cost way less than a buck, and we had to go to each house twice – first to take the order and then to deliver the cookies. All hell broke loose one winter when my best friend’s house caught fire one night and all the cookie records for our troop were destroyed (her mom was the cookie chairwoman). So we had to try to remember which neighbor had ordered what. Not fun. But my friend was okay. Her mom was never cookie chairwoman again, though…"
~Anne L.

"I was a Cub Scout, then a Boy Scout until I was 18. I achieved the second-highest rank of Life Scout (highest being Eagle Scout).

I think my favorite memory from the scouts was a camping trip which started with us all travelling by train from San Diego to New Mexico when I was 14 or 15. The train ride took us a couple of days and was in and of itself a bit of an adventure. Once we arrived in New Mexico, we drove out to a mountain-range ranch (Philmont Scout Ranch), acres and acres large. Each of us was paired up with a horse. From there, we spent a week riding across the heavily forested Rocky Mountains. We stopped and made camp every night in a new place along the range, feeding and grooming our horses. We learned wilderness survival, horse husbandry, and some leatherworking. The view was breathtaking everywhere we went, with the wide open New Mexico skies, being surrounded by trees, and the unique and magical terrain of cliffs and mountain-top plains and groves, and valley-woods with thick branch canopies. Sunsets are altogether different in the middle of wilderness, especially on horseback."
~James C

"I was a Boy Scout for a few years. My favorite memory is camping under the stars in the Colorado mountains and waking up with a rabbit sitting on my chest. "

"When I was 13, my girl scout troop visited Sierra studios. They were finishing up King’s Quest VII and we got to meet some of the women who worked on it (I still have the signed poster I got that day). At that visit, we were shown some of the cool, top secret stuff they were working on for their next title. The memory of seeing that kind of interactive innovation happen before my very eyes really stuck – it was amazing. Hm, maybe that helped to encourage me to get into the game industry?"

"My favorite memory was Cub scouts=pinewood derby (got a scar on my fingers from a carving accident) and boy scouts (camping, summer camp and not getting my canoeing merit badge—flunked…)"
~Rob K.

"I liked sailing with my troop."

"Finding a cool fossil on one of our hikes… Also doing random fun things (like riding bikes and stuff) to earn those “badge” thingies that you get to wear… "

"I was a “pioneer” – communist girl scout =). Now thinking back it was actually fun – we had a special program where we had to help elderly people or WWII veterans; performed for them; camped in the “wilderness”. But we never had to sell anything (no cookies for us!) ;)"

"I was a boy scout. My favorite memory was building a small wooden race car with my dad and racing it in our local boy scout’s pinewood derby. I won first place in my division! :)"

"I was a Girl Scout, and my favorite memory is of camping trips."

"I remember I liked the badges, and I wanted a lot of them… like all of them… I did not succeed…"

"My favorite memory was the Pine Car Derby!"
~Rob H.

If you were in Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts, what were your favorite memories?

More Fan Love

As I've mentioned in a previous post, we get pictures from our fans sometimes and we love to share. So this time, we have letter from Chase, who has a Nancy Drew obsession, and some pictures he/she sent us.

This is the folder Chase made for helping the members of the Message Board; all the hints, tips, and spoilers are kept in here.

Chase's Nancy Drew game case with the Her Interactive Message Boards in the background on the computer.

Pretty cool huh? Do anyone else have special things they've made for the games? We'd love to hear from you!

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