March 2011

Hands on the Ranch

We interviewed our Executive Producer on the creation of the Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries: Shadow Ranch, the new series’ first gamebook, for an inside look on how the story came together.

“For [Shadow Ranch] one of the challenges in the creation process was trying to think of what the tone would be. We decided to create separate stories, individual mysteries that you could go to when you play, like the collectables challenge for example. Each chapter was meant to have its own tone, but like the original books there was an overall larger mystery that makes up the story, and we wanted to turn that classic style into an interactive experience.” – Robert

Thanks Robert, for all of your hard work and taking the time to share your thoughts!

The Mobile Mysteries series focuses on stories where you can choose-your-own-path and interact with how the plot moves and unfolds.  While Shadow Ranch was initially designed to be a book with much more text and far less animation and imagery, more elements were added to make it more game-like. Images, mini-games, and fun extras were added to help bring some of our signature puzzles into the reading experience.  Many of these puzzles let the player engage with the case by find specific clues, or completing a challenge to receive necessary information or reach a new location. The Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries series may not look or feel just like the PC Adventure series many of our fans know and love, but we’re certain you’ll enjoy this game too.  Even with a completely new style with a different tone, you may find that it has an uncanny resemblance to a classic Nancy Drew mystery novel.  Maybe it’s time to head back to the ‘ranch.’wink

Have you read the story? Compare your reading experience of this new game book with the original yellow hardback and share your thoughts with us. New perspectives with fresh minds are always eye-opening!

Reviewing Shadow Ranch

The reviews are in!  Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries: Shadow Ranch has reached the hands of many players and we’ve got the inside scoop on what they’re saying.  Overall our fans are loving Nancy’s latest case.  It’s been a surprise to many of our dedicated players, playing as Nancy in a gamebook world, but once you’ve passed your expectations, the game is a delight to even the most avid adventure fan.  The ties to Secret of Shadow Ranch are undeniable, but this is definitely a new experience that many of our players seem to love!

You can read a few excerpts from the reviews on our free online gaming community.  Be sure to check out the review section to read these reviews, and more, in full!


“I found this to be a wonderful and entertaining game. It is not anything at all like the adventure game, but I think that that is a good thing. This game is a whole new experience; it is not, nor is it supposed to be, similar to the Secret of Shadow Ranch Adventure game.  Overall, it exceeded all expectations that I'd had about it. The story takes some time to get into, but after the first chapter, I was hooked! The only complaints that I have are that the hidden object scenes could be a bit frustrating (a hint system would have fixed this) and that I found a spelling/grammatical errors. These did not detract from my enjoyment of the game, but I found it worth mentioning. I give the game as a whole a 9/10.” - Chocolate Girl

“We see characters we love from the games and hear their voices but at the same time there are line drawings from the original books. There are many mini games and things to try. It was fun but a whole different experience than the adventure games.”  – Veja

“Alright so this was definitely not what I was expecting, but I like that. HER always surprises me with what they're coming out with. I have an Ipod and I recently bought the game. I got so addicted to it that I played it nonstop that day haha. But I really thought this game was good.” - Mysteryhelp279

“I just finished HER's first mobile mystery, and I must say it was great! I loved the easy interaction, the well thought out storyline and the fun mini-games.” - Rose14

“I have just finished the game and believe me, it was worth the wait! Yet again, HeR has pulled off a terrific game. I understand the idea of a text based game play is not a selling point for some (like me), but it is so wonderfully executed that people who dislike the game play style will adore the game just like I did. The game has a very high replay value unlike most apps. This really defines it from the millions of other apps available. The graphics are beautiful and the mini games are fun. Over all, a success from our friends at HeR. I give it a 9/10.” - Headfuzz


What did you think of Shadow Ranch?

Launching for Mobile

Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries: Shadow Ranch is now available for purchase on the App Store!  If you’ve been following the launch you’ve seen a fair share of clues dropped that this is a brand new adventure for you to experience.  So we came up with a few new strategies to share this game with you as well, check out some of the great projects we ran for the launch:

The Case of the Missing iPad™ –

If we want you to get excited about a mystery on the iPad, why not have a mystery about an iPad?  This was the stroke of genius that led to ‘The Case of the Missing iPad’ video and contest.  Now that the contest has ended, we’ve launched the conclusion to the mystery as well.  Did you miss out on this mystery?  You can check out the case and its solution by using the links below.

The Case of the Missing iPad:

Closing the Case of the Missing iPad:

Detective iPad –

Have you been following along with “The Continuing Adventures of Private Detective iPad P.I.”?  He’s a detective, and also an iPad; as the saying goes.  We released this mini-series detailing the accounts of two great sleuths (Detective iPad and Nancy Drew) meeting up for the first time.  Plus there’s more to come!  If you’re in the dark, check out the first episode, and start catching up on the mystery.  You’ll be glad you listened. 

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Twitter Feature Tweets –

We took some of our favorite features from Shadow Ranch and tweeted them to you each weekday throughout February.  What better way to step into the new tech-driven age than to use Twitter to announce all the cool things you’ll be able to do in Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries. Did you follow along?

With all that information to sort though, how can you not get excited about Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries.  If you’ve already downloaded Shadow Ranch for your iPad, iPhone®, or iPod Touch®, then head on over to the App Store and write a review for us!  We’d love to hear what you think of Nancy’s newest mystery.

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