December 2011

Koko Kringles: Sold Out!

Koko Kringles are sold out!The Koko Kringle candy bars have run out for the December Holiday Sale! You can still purchase a Nancy Drew (physical) game for 50% off and receive a free strategy guide. However, you will not receive the Koko Kringle bar. This deal will end on December 29th or while supplies last.

-The Her Interactive Team

Interview with 3D Artist John

We interviewed John, a pro 3D artist and long-term Her Interactive employee!

Her interactive: How long have you worked at Her Interactive?

Oh boy, I’ve been here for just over 11 years.  I’ve started as an intern, so if you include my internship it’s almost 12 years.

Her Interactive Magnifying Glass

Her interactive: What do you like about working at Her Interactive?

Believe me, people that I work with makes a big difference.  They are all talented and fun to be working with.

Her Interactive Magnifying Glass

Her interactive: Name one of your favorite, memorable environments.

Wow, I have so many environments that I like but I think my favorite is Apartment in Shadow at the Water’s Edge.  Why?  Because the room design was based on my sister’s apartment in Japan.

Her Interactive Magnifying Glass

Her interactive: If you could visit any location in a Nancy Drew Game, where would you go?

I’ve never been to a Europe, so Germany may be nice.

Her Interactive Magnifying Glass

Her interactive: Is there an environment you would like to create in the future?

Let’s go to Space Exploration!! :)

Her Interactive Magnifying Glass

Her interactive: If you attended a murder mystery dinner party, which character would you most likely be?

A)     The Culprit

B)      The Victim

C)      The Innocent Dinner Guest

D)     The Inspector

A ) The Culprit.  Because I’m usually very good at hiding my identity.

Her Interactive Magnifying Glass

If you had to decide between one of the following actions, which would you choose?

Catch a culprit, spend the night in a haunted house, or discover a hidden passageway or room.

I also like to explore, so definitely enjoy discovering hidden or new places.

Her Interactive Magnifying Glass

Her interactive: Do you have any fun extra bits of info or fun facts about what you do? Any secrets or stories you’d like to share?

Well, my very first game that I’ve worked as an intern was a Message in a Haunted Mansion.

Remember the ransom note “LEAVE THE MANSION NOW!” That was my writing and no second take; I’ve wrote it only once and made it to a game….yes!!


Thanks John for all of your hard work over the years and for helping to make Nancy's world come to life!

Nancy Drew: TXT Challenge #2!

Tetx Now!

Help Nancy Drew solve this text-based mystery and win great prizes!

Text the word “NANCY” to 82257 and start your adventure today!


TEXT- TO-WIN! Contest Ends on Thursday, January 19, 2012 at 11:59pm PT.

Enter today! The first 200 participants will receive a 50% off coupon for any Nancy Drew Digital Download game, all other participants will receive 25% off.

Alibi in Ashes BONUS Edition

Big Prize!

Grand Prize: Solve all 10 questions and have 60 or more points and be entered into the Grand Prize:

• One BONUS 25th SPECIAL EDITION copy (physical) of Alibi in Ashes

• Alibi in Ashes Strategy Guide

• Nancy Drew Leather Wallet

• WWNDD Sweatshirt (What Would Nancy Drew Do?)

• One copy of Nancy Drew (2007) the movie

• $100.00 Amazon Gift Card

Post to Facebook!Don't forget to post your scores to Facebook!

December Holiday Sale!

December Holiday Sale

The Holidays Are Here!

Purchase any Nancy Drew (physical) game during the month of December and you will receive 50% off plus a free strategy guide and one Koko Kringle bar with each order! Offer applies to games #6-25. Each game purchased will receive a free strategy guide while supplies last.

More Gift Ideas!

Purchase The White Wolf of Icicle Creek for the Wii, The Hardy Boys: Treasure on the Tracks for the Nintendo DS, or Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor DVD Game for ONLY $9.99!

So hurry and purchase your games before Sonny Joon’s aliens consume all the chocolate, and the Koko bars run out!

*Offer begins Friday, December 2nd and ends Thursday, December 29th or until supplies sell out. Offers are only available from and apply ONLY to Physical Orders. Strategy Guide Bundle & Koko Kringle bar quantities are limited and offers only apply while supplies last.

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