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.CAB, Cabinet File, or Digital Signature Error

If one of these error messages displays during installation:

A file that is required cannot be installed because cabinet file has an invalid digital signature. This may indicate that the cabinet file is corrupt.


Component Transfer Error
Component: Required Video
File Group:
Error: Data error (Cyclic redundancy check)


Feature: Games File Component: Video
File E:\Data2.CAB
Error: Incorrect Function

This means that there is a cabinet file error. The cabinet (.cab) error is usually caused by one of three issues: damaged or dirty discs; an auto-run window popping up in the background after inserting disc 2; or a problem with the disc drive itself.

Verify that the disc is free of smudges or scratches, cleaning gently if necessary, and try to reinstall. If you still receive an error, try copying the contents of the game disc(s) to a folder on your desktop, then installing manually from this new folder.

1)      Create a new folder on your Desktop and name it after the game.
2)      If the game comes with two discs, put Disc 2 in your Disc Drive. Close any AutoPlay window that pops up.
3)      Go to Start > Computer > right-click Disc Drive > Open to view the files on disc.
4)      Highlight all files and copy them from Disc 2 into the new folder on your desktop.
5)      Once all files have copied over, remove Disc 2 and put Disc 1 in the Disc Drive.
6)      Repeat for Disc 1 by highlighting all files and copying them into the folder on your desktop. If a file warning comes up that the same file name already exists, choose Copy & Replace.
7)      Once all files have copied over, open the folder and double-click on Setup.exe to start installation. If you do not see the .exe at the end of the file, look for the file named Setup that says “Application” or “Installshield Launcher” next to it.

8)      Finish the installation process. Once installation is complete and you have checked that the game launches and plays correctly, you can delete the folder you created from your desktop.

If you still receive the cabinet error after taking these steps, try installing the game on another computer. If the cabinet error appears on another computer, please contact Tech Support directly for further help.