Get Nancy Drew tips and tricks and other Nancy Drew PC games help with our tech support.

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I'm stuck in a game!

Technical Support does not provide game hints or tips. Sometimes, you may think there is something technically wrong with the game because you can't progress further. In our games you usually can't "move forward" until certain other steps are completed.

First, check for steps that you may have missed - talk to other characters, search for inventory items or new locations, read every clue (including the ones in your inventory!), and solve puzzles and mini-games.

If you are still stuck, try one of the following resources:

  • Check the Hint System and Task List in-game. Depending which game and level you are playing on, the Hint System or Task List items may not be available.

  • Purchase a Strategy Guide from our Online Store. These guides are a great resource for navigating our games, solving the puzzles, and even finding hidden content!

  • Check out the Her Interactive Message Boards. We created our Message Boards as a place for Nancy's fans to work together to solve the puzzles, and they have blossomed into a fun, friendly community.

  • Search online for a walkthrough. We can’t guarantee the accuracy of any walkthrough you find online, but many of our players have found them helpful.