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pc #30: The Shattered Medallion
pc #23: Shadow at the Waters Edge
If the frame puzzle seems impossible, check out the walkthough solutions in the linked screenshots below.
Junior Detective      Senior Detective

pc #22: Trail of the Twister
When Chase asks you to help out with the car LED display, just remember that the lowest and highest numbers (1 and 8) go in the middle squares.
pc #21: Warnings at Waverly Academy
Make sure you turn the light on in the storage closet in the rec room so you can retreive the key.
pc #20: Ransom of the Seven Ships
To beat the monkeys at the coconut toss, aim for the objects with the highest point value: coconut (5), crab (4), starfish (3)
pc #19: The Haunting of Castle Malloy
To light the lantern in the library, rearrange the discs so that everything is in the same order on the right pole as it is stacked on currently on the left pole. This would be easy, but you can't stack a large disc on top of a disc with a smaller diameter. The trick is to move the largest disc to the right pole and the next largest disc to the middle pole. This means you move the discs with the smallest diameters far more than the wide pieces at the bottom.

pc #18: The Phantom of Venice
So you've found a way into Fango's office, but you can't quite get onto his computer? Well you might notice the picture of a mask on the login screen. If you check the closet you can see a cast of characters, and one matches the picture on the laptop. Type in the name and you'll gain access to Fango's files!
pc #17: Legend of the Crystal Skull
Having trouble getting into Bruno's box? Well even Lamont couldn't figure this one out. The trick to this one is to take the numbers and count each character on the page. The first number would put you on “L” and then count 3 from there to get “E,” then moving 32 spaces would put you on “B.” Follow this pattern until you've managed to open the box.
pc #16: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek
If you want to get to solve this case, you'll have to brave the bitter cold and find a way into McQuade's hut. His house is padlocked, but you'll find that you already got the combination when the wolf left you his jacket. The odd piece of paper you found in the coat pocket contains the lock's key. If you're still out in the cold, try imagining each symbol being cut in half, what you're left with is 4 digits!
pc #15: The Creature of Kapu Cave
There's a rather secure truck in Dr. Kim's Base Camp. If you're having trouble opening it, you might need to get your ears checked! The truck uses a melodic key to open, so you'll have to listen to Dr. Kim's oral record for March 28th to find the right notes.
pc #14: Danger by Design
Paris may be known for its fine cuisine, but when you have to be the chef, things might not end up as appetizing. There's been a recent mint shortage, so what's a detective to do? Well a possible solution is to borrow some from another restaurant. Head up to Hotel de Ville and order crème de glace, after you've had your fill, grab the mint leaf and hot-foot it back to the kitchen!
pc #13: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon
The humidor in Jake's car can be a tough cookie to crack. But by carefully following the clues, you can uncover the correct sequence for opening the box. The symbol “Ag” refers to the periodic table of elements, Silver. And a scrap of paper in the projection room is quoted as “Silver is Orange, Blue, Green, Red, Purple, and Yellow. Try pushing the buttons in that order and see if something opens up!
pc #12: Secret of the Old Clock
You'll need top notch detective skills if you want to Richard to believe you're psychic. The trick to this one is to pay close attention to the way he asks his questions. It's an old show business trick used by magicians. Grab a pen and paper and record his questions and answers. He's got two for each card so be sure to note them so you can “read” his mind.
pc #11: Curse of Blackmoor Manor
There's a musical puzzle awaiting you at the top of the spiral staircase. If you're looking for help, try pacing the stairs a few times to give you some clues. If you're still stumped then know that each noise corresponds with a lever and all you have to do is duplicate the noises you heard. Playing B, A, D, C, A, D, E, E will help you get in “key.”
pc #10: The Secret of Shadow Ranch
It might be hard to find the combination to the chest in Mary's Gifts. With a little sleuthing, however, you can discover that Meryl Humber's parents' wedding was April 9, 1811. Now how to put that into a clock? Well just convert it to time, April is the 4th month so 4:00, the 9th would be 9:00, and 1811 can be contracted to 11:00.
pc #9: Danger on Deception Island
There's no need to get frustrated over the rock skipping puzzle. In order to hit the bottle you just need the right rock, a good angle, and the correct amount of power. If you're struggling and thinking of “skipping” this one, try the flattest stone, with the middle angle, at full power.
pc #8: The Haunted Carousel
After completing the first riddle from Miles, you'll receive a seemingly empty piece of paper. If you've stayed current with your “Sassy Detective Online” you might remember some details about invisible ink. Take the paper back to your room and break out the iron. You'll need to use the iron 3 times before you get a coherent message, but once you do, it'll be quite revealing.

pc #7: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake
The Rottweiler statues in the living room require a specific orientation to unlock the next step in the plot. You may have noticed that each wall is decorated with a different season in mind. A quick search of the graveyard tells you that the dogs may have all died on the same day, but they were born at different times. You'll need to align them with their particular season if you wish to dig up some more clues.
pc #6: Secret of the Scarlet Hand
The “Bul” game found in the temple can be quite challenging if you don't have a good strategy. While Sonny's notebook outlines a couple possibilities, one thing you can do to significantly improve your odds is to make the computer pass when it gets within 2 spaces of your warrior. Just make sure to place your Temple Key card in the slot so you get credit for winning!
pc #5: The Final Scene
If you find the combination in the basement quite puzzling, then following advice might “suit” you. Pressing a panel will always affect at least one panel, and it's important to notice how they interact with each other. If you number them, 1-5 from left to right; Panel 1 rotates panels 1 & 2, Panel 2 rotates panels 2 & 3, Panel 3 rotates panels 3 & 5, Panel 4 rotates panels 1, 3, & 4, and Panel 5 rotates only panel 5. Knowing this, it may be best to start with panel 4 and make it a spade, then start working through the rest, one panel at a time.

pc #4: Treasure in the Royal Tower
If you keep getting caught by that pesky library alarm, you may want to try your hand at painting. You can find a paintbrush on the ledge of the closed ski rental office. Once you have the brush, use it on the desk in the library to gather some dust. You can then check for fingerprints on the alarm system to learn the code!
pc #3: Message in a Haunted Mansion
The key to solving the banister puzzle lies in each spindle's interactions with another. Often times clicking one will effect one or more other spindles. In order to easily solve this puzzle, try solving for 1 letter at a time. For instance, if the spindles are numbered 1-5 from left to right, try keying in the correct letter for #4, then move on to #2, then #5, and so on. This should make the solution much easier to solve.
pc #2: Stay Tuned for Danger
If you're having trouble accessing the computer, you'll need to do some extra sleuthing to find the login and password. Head into the Prop Room and search the room's log book. You'll be able to peel back the top right corner of the binder to find the name and password written in it.
pc #1: Secrets Can Kill
After discovering the safe behind the tapestry, you'll need to find a combination to open it. A big clue can be found on the invitation to a sorority's 25-year reunion. You'll notice that the symbols on top of the letter correspond to the keys on the safe.
pc Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses!
Read the popups when you click on a clue carefully. They contain hints about what the clue matches and where to find other clues. If you get stuck, check the number in the lower right hand corner to see how many clues you have left to find. If there are still clues left to find, then try moving your mouse all over the screen to see if any sparkles appear. Otherwise, you have found all the clues and just need to figure out which clues go together.
pc Nancy Drew Dossier: Resorting to Danger!
Having trouble routing the phone calls? Just remember that, Nick is the "Boss"; Jasmine is the celebrity staying in the Guest Suite; the Ivory Room contains the Sensory Deprivation Chamber, laser treatment device, and fish pond; and the Jungle Room has a enormous view and a tea-making station in addition to the mud bath.

To unlock the door to the hidden chamber,check your Journal for clues about which coins belong in the empty slots. For instance, Hippocrates = medical, Euclid = geometric shapes, Apollo = sun.